Together we can make a difference

Who's Helped Us

We’re grateful to a number of local businesses and organisations who have supported us since we began in 2010.

Penrith Building Society
Penrith Building Society

Penrith Building Society has partnered with us to offer a special Affinity Account that allows savers to donate money to the lottery without it costing them a penny.

The building society makes an annual donation to the lottery based on the balances held in all its Pride in Penrith Lottery Affinity Accounts. So, the more supporters save in their Affinity Accounts, the more the lottery will receive, helping us to make an even greater difference to the town we love. If you are interested in opening an account, call into the Penrith Building Society on King Street, Penrith, where you can apply.

You can also find out more on the Penrith Building Society website.

Founding Partners

The Pride in Penrith Lottery was started in July 2010, through the Penrith Chamber of Trade and Commerce and local business partners. Without the initial input and support from these businesses, the lottery wouldn't be here today. The Penrith Chamber of Trade continues to support us, through its work with local groups and businesses and by helping to promote the lottery.

Our continued thanks to our key partners: 

  • Penrith Building Society
  • Atkinson Builders
  • Penrith Building Supplies 
  • Cumberland & Westmorland Herald 
  • AST Signs 
  • H&H Reeds Printers
  • AW Jenkinsons 
  • Richardsons
  • Cranstons