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Apply for a Grant

We welcome grant applications all year round, from organisations and projects working to benefit our community.

If you'd like to apply for a grant, please check that you'd meet our criteria, and then send us in an application form (below). 

We will be pleased to help you with any queries. Please don't hesitate to contact us.

We're looking forward to receiving your application!

Criteria for Applications

1) Awards will be given to voluntary/non-profit-making organisations or to support community initiatives that benefit the town and the residents of Penrith and its immediate environs (see below for details of our catchment area).

2) Grants will not be given to fund general maintenance or running costs.

We do, however, consider grants for running events that benefit the community. We cannot fund events if the intention is to pass on any surplus income to other organisations e.g. concerts with benefits to ‘local charities’.

3) Organisations must ensure that they have appropriate checks from the Disclosure and Barring Service (previously Criminal Records Bureau checks) when activities include children and other vulnerable persons.

4) Individuals may apply as long as their project relates to Penrith and its immediate environs. The maximum grant for an individual is usually £100 but consideration will be given to larger amounts.

5) Grants can start from as little as £100 and consideration will be given to larger amounts.

6) Monetary award applications will not be considered from party political organisations.

7) Monetary award applications will not generally be considered from any organisation where funding would normally have been derived from local or national government. However, funding will be considered under exceptional circumstances where we deem grant aid to be of specific benefit to Penrith and its immediate environs.

8) All applications will be considered by the Board of Trustees and any decisions made will be final and not subject to appeal.

9) Grant payments are subject to recipients supporting the Pride in Penrith Lottery in a variety of ways. Below are some examples of how we would ask you to support the lottery. In this way we can spread the word and encourage new members to join, as well as receiving more grant applications:

  • Encouraging others to join the lottery, such as members of your group, volunteers, customers and businesses;
  • Distributing flyers and membership forms;
  • Helping to promote the lottery at events;
  • Sending out information to your mailing lists;
  • Displaying the lottery logo on items of capital equipment that are grant aided by the lottery. 

PLEASE NOTE - If your application is successful, you will be required to put forward one new lottery member for every £1000 of grant money you receive from us. This could be one individual or the organisation, and the membership must continue for a minimum of one year. So, for example, if your grant is £100-£1000, you will be asked to sign up one new member. If you receive £1100-£2000, it would be two members, and so on.

Some other points to note

  • You can download an application form from the website, but you must send a hard copy to us in the post with at least two handwritten signatures in order for us to process it.
  • When we refer to ‘Penrith and its immediate environs’ we mean Penrith Town and a 5-mile radius from its centre. This includes the following villages: Clifton, Stainton, Langwathby, Plumpton, Greystoke, Great Salkeld, Little Salkeld, Bowscar, Catterlen, Blencow, Flusco, Dacre, Tirrel, Pooley Bridge, Askham, Helton, Lowther, Hackthorpe, Melkinthorpe. For further details please refer to the lottery secretary.
  • Applications must include full details of the project. 
  • We aim to process applications within four to six weeks of receipt, depending on trustee meeting dates. All applications will be acknowledged within ten days.
  • When your application has been processed and a recommendation made we will inform you by letter.
  • If your application is successful, we will release your cheque on receipt of membership forms for the new lottery members you are putting forward, as explained in point nine, above.
  • You will then be sent a ‘Project Completion Form’. Please fill this in and return it with copies of receipts within six months of your grant being issued. Organisations who do not comply with this condition may be requested to refund their grant money.
  • Please contact us in writing if you need to change your project details.
  • If you cannot spend the money, or if items cost less than expected, we may ask you to return the balance.
  • One in ten grants will be audited on a random basis.
  • We will be pleased to help with any queries. Please contact the lottery secretary, Joanna, on 07518 011644 or use the contact form here on our website.
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