Together we can make a difference

How to Join

For just £2 a week (less than a price of a pint) you could win up to £5,000 and help make a difference to Penrith and our wider area.

Just pick four numbers between 1 and 31, which are then entered into our weekly draw.

Match four numbers and you win the jackpot. Match three and you win £20.

The jackpot prize starts at £500 and increases by £100 each week if it’s not won. If it reaches £5,000 we keep drawing that week until we find a winner.  You don’t even need to check your numbers every week – we will automatically send any winnings to you. We also publish the numbers here on our website each week and on our social media.

You’ll also be entered into our £2,000 super draw on Thursday 16th August.

All proceeds (after expenses) are given as grants to local good causes.


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